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Having trained many thousands of students on how to plan, design and maintain Access databases at all levels, many of my clients have always asked for some sort of support or after-sales service which makes sense when I know for a fact many users never take their new learning to the next level.

As a thank you to my students and now for my visiting members here too, I would like to pass on some of the eBooks that I have written covering the various and popular topics of Microsoft Access Database that you may wish to own.

Current eBooks available:

Microsoft Access Database 2016


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Latest version of Microsoft Access (2016 or Office 365) and can also be used for version 2013.

Great value for money covering topics on Tables, Queries, Linking/Importing Data, Database Theory, Normalisation, Forms, Reports, Wed Applications, Macros and Administration Tools.

Microsoft Access 2016 Database – eBook Offer

Pre Microsoft Access 2016/2013



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How about purchasing all 6 eBooks (Discounted)

eBook & Product offers:

In the meantime, please browse the Home page keeping you up to date with my latest articles and blogs.

Free eBooks

How to Import and Link Data to Microsoft Access

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SQL Language Reference (Basics)

Download my free user guide showing the SQL (Structured Query Language) syntax for your Access queries. Some queries will require this guide as the more advanced types of queries cannot be designed with the conventional QBE (Query By Example) grid.

It’s not that difficult to learn – just a little patience required!

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How to Import and Link Data to Microsoft Acces