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Microsoft Access: The mindset of the VBA programmer

Microsoft Access

From my new VBA book due out soon, here’s an extract about the mindset of the Microsoft Access database VBA programmer… We need to start by establishing a frame of reference as to what we should expect when we are writing VBA code. Consider the scenario where you command a child to “open the door.” Think about all the individual actions that it takes to accomplish that one statement. The child has to approach the door, align the hand with the […]

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Microsoft Access Database 2016 Is Not Included In Office 365

Since its release, Microsoft Access database will not be available for all users of Office 365. Shocking isn’t it? Users who have purchased an Office 365 Business Premium were surprised to discover that Access 2016 wasn’t included in their subscriptions. Access 2016 is not included with any of the Office 365 Business subscriptions, even in Office 365 E1 or Office 365 Pro Plus enterprise subscriptions. If you want Microsoft Access Database 2016 in your enterprise, you should be opting instead for the full Office 365 E3 subscription. What […]

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Using An Access Data Entry Form With Some VBA

Using Microsoft Access VBA

USING AN ACCESS DATA ENTRY FORM – QUERYING A DATABASE WITH SOME VBA It’s during day three of an Access training course teaching keen ‘developer’ students the art to Using Microsoft Access VBA data entry form and immediately they realise creating such a form is simple enough to do but realising the inflexibility for the everyday use when end-users get to test and use this in anger. What I’m talking about here is where we have a typical scenario of entering in new records […]

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Update Query In MS Access – A Little Trick Using The Access VBA Immediate Window

Using Microsoft Access VBA

Here is one my free weekly tips (No. 86) for you that I wanted to share today because one particular client recently asked how you can disable warnings when using an Update query in MS Access? Within the application, you can in fact switch off the warning prompts when running one of the four ACTION queries which are used for many different data processing tasks including how to archive data by combining two or more types of queries. These options can […]

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