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How to Hide the Ribbon When Launching Microsoft access database ?

Hide the Ribbon When Launching Microsoft access database Having Ribbons in your Microsoft access database application helps a lot when you need to use all the tabs that are present on the ribbon. However, there are times that you need to prevent the tabs on the ribbon from displaying when launching the application. MS Access, by default, does not provide an option for hiding the ribbon. Because of that,you have to opt for external approaches. One way is to create and […]

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Using Access 2010 – 5 Quick Tips

MS Access Macro

Whether you are a newbie or seasoned Access database user, it’s always useful to know some quick tips to help navigate and control the application’s environment. Here are 5 quick tips to using Microsoft Access 2010 (some are exclusive to this version!): 1. The Ribbon Bar This is great for the new user but for those who have migrated like myself became a little disorientated. Two little tips here; Get to know the Ribbon Bar it is reasonably well organised […]

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