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Sending Email Using Microsoft Access VBA

Microsoft Access VBA

If you use the later versions of Microsoft Access, you will have probably come across the tool to set and manage emails to normally Microsoft Outlook from a selected table or query and select individual valid records but this can be problematic with connection, server and services if not correctly configured. There is a custom built solution which talks about sending email using Microsoft Access though it is not a free utility, it does have a free locked demo to […]

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How to Convert Microsoft Access Macros To Visual Basic For Application VBA

Access VBA

The scenario: You’ve inherited an Access database that was originally built way back say with version 97 and some of the forms have started to look a little tired (which is not an issue) and you discovered that when opening the database there are over 250 separate macro procedures which most were only useful for a single form. What do you do? You certainly need to consider either tidying up the macros, grouping them in to some sort of logical […]

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What Is Database Auditing – Microsoft Access Tools

Microsoft Access

The question I’m often asked is What is database auditing and how do I create an audit trail in Microsoft Access? The second part to that question means the inquisitor has realised there are no standard MS Access tools available (out-of-the-box) for you to utilise and developers are therefore left to their own skills and time to creating a tool instead. In this quick article, I want to highlight the key components to designing your own auditing tool and keep track of […]

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