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Using Microsoft Access To Organise Your Life

Using Microsoft Access

A useful introduction video showing the ‘back-end’ tools namely Tables and Queries being designed and used. It’s only the start though and you will need to do some more research. I like this video because it’s not been scripted or rehearsed showing how we all think when creating a table and a query with the author making decisions on the go applying changes during his presentation – great! If you want help, please contact me for advice and how you […]

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How to Utilise and Apply Access Database Normalisation Techniques?

Access Database Normalisation levels 1, 2, 3; getting normal about it! The process of Database Normalisation was developed by E.F.Codd who is widely considered the father of relational database theory. There are several rules which provide theoretical structures and disciplines which are not always practical to follow but help provide the main goals which are: Eliminate redundant information Increase data integrity Make systems more efficient Modern databases should be in BCNF Boyce-Codd Normal Form which is deemed to be at […]

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How to set a Relationship in Access 2007 ?

Microsoft Access Database

This video from YouTube shows the basic way to set and join two tables together in the relationship window viewer tool. This gives you a clear and simple step by step instructions on how to join two tables creating a global/permanent relationship. Access database then recongnises this setting and releases more functionality including the ability to expand and collapse related records in a table.

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