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Using Table and Query Naming Conventions : Microsoft Access Database

ms access

MS Access Database: Using Table and Query Naming Conventions. As part of the good working practices and disciplines when designing your Microsoft Access database, using good naming conventions will be essential as not all parts of the Microsoft Access application is consistent. Take a look at this quick video tutorial (about two and half minutes)… As clearly explained, not all aspects of the MS Access application provides a way to easily see what type of object you could be managing […]

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Microsoft Access Database: Working With A Database You Didn’t Create

Microsoft Access

Working with Microsoft Access database is a skill to have and makes you stand out from the crowd of advanced Excel spreadsheet users and those wishing to step up and move into the world of MS Access will probably start by inheriting other people’s databases. So what’s the first thing you need to do if you are given someone else’s Access database? I wrote another post about a couple of years ago which addressed the challenges of inheriting other people’s […]

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