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What is the function of primary key when creating a database in access ?

access database 

When building an access database, the primary key is important and an important thing to note when creating a database in access. Before continuing you should know what primary keys mean. What is a primary key Primary keys are fields or fields with values that are unique throughout a table when building an access database. Primary keys can be used to refer to entire records, each record has a different value for the key. A table can only contain just […]

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Ready to consider upgrading to Access 2010 or Access 2007 ?

“Ready to consider upgrading to Microsoft Access 2010 or Microsoft Access 2007?…It may well be worth it!…” If you have been using Microsoft Access 2007 for a while now, moving to Access 2010 will be seamless and all you need to do is understand what new features have been introduced and what it has also replaced (where applicable). However, a lot more users haven’t yet upgraded to Microsoft Access 2007 and are still using Access 2003 (or even an earlier […]

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Microsoft Access Databases – Learning the Fundamentals

Microsoft Access Database Tutorial

The Access database application provides a rich set of powerful tools ranging from a simple database design model to the multi-user network version using Access’s administrative tools at all levels which include the Relationship Window, Database Splitter, Linked Manager Tool and Access Security module to name but a few. If you have wondered where you start to learn access database then the quickest and simplest way, then welcome as I will step you through and guide you to learn access […]

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Access 2007 – The Navigation Pane Window View

Microsoft Access Database Forms

accessdatabasetutorial This video tutorial is a good overview for those new to the Access 2007 screen and how objects are managed into groups and other filter views. It is a vast improvement from the previous database window (of earlier versions). The Navigation Pane Window view contains all the Access objects stored as it is in one file. You can create, edit, open, delete, duplicate, search and maintain natural groups. I like the quick ‘right’ mouse click on the ‘Navigation Pane‘ […]

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Microsoft Access Database 2007 tutorial

Access Database 2007

When Microsoft Access first appeared in the early 1990’s it revolutionized the desktop database market. Most versions have been similar to each other. Now with Access 2007 we see the most radical changes yet introduced by Microsoft. When working your way through an MS Access 2007 tutorial, a hardcore traditional user of MS Access is either going to love or hate these new changes. So what is different about this new version? The interface is completely different and instead of […]

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