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Microsoft Office JavaScript Library Will Be Complete Across Office 365, iOS and Mac Early Next Year


Microsoft will be having a consistent JavaScript API across the Windows, Mac and mobile version of Office. Looking at Microsoft Office development is like looking at an old tree’s cross-section – you will find different layers from different eras. Each layer is carefully maintained for compatibility. Run the just-released Word 2016, enable the Developer ribbon, click VBA, and there is Visual Basic for Applications 7.1, using traditional VB as found in the long-deprecated VB 6.0 from 1998. Since VBA is built on COM […]

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Access DAO or ADO: 3 Key Points Microsoft Access VBA Recordsets

Microsoft Access Database

I wrote an EzineArticle this month about Access DAO (and ADO) using Microsoft Access VBA focusing on the Recordset object and just in case you missed it, here’s the first part below: Working With Access VBA Recordsets Using DAO or ADO: 3 Key Points With VBA Recordsets Here are 3 key points to note and be mindful of when coding with Access VBA using either DAO or ADO to connect with other databases. There are common traps and useful tips […]

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Microsoft Access Database: Access VBA to Microsoft Outlook Tasks

Using Microsoft Access

Take a quick look at this Access VBA video (less than 3 minutes) of my latest utility offer demonstrating how to send data using Microsoft Access VBA to a new task in Microsoft Outlook. Microsoft Access Database: Access VBA to Microsoft Outlook Tasks This is a simple and very affordable utility offer with a 100% money back guarantee.

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