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Microsoft Access Database 2016: Printing Reports

Microsoft Access database

A report is only as good as the data stored and retrieved (typically via a query) in your Microsoft Access database but this simple video tutorial (less than 3 minutes) demonstrates what the feature you can run from your report print preview… While you can print reports using commands via the Backstage view, you can also use Print Preview. Print Preview shows you how your report will appear on the printed page. It also allows you to modify the way your report […]

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Microsoft Access 2007 Onwards – How To Create Access Reports From Scratch

Microsoft Access

We all know that information will get out of an Access database is as only good as the data we input. This can also be measured when building Microsoft Access Reports. Here’s a five minute video tutorial I found that I found that explains the simple process of building an Access 2007 report from scratch…take a look… Using the pre-built report templates or wizard features are a good start but to really have a handle of good report designs, you […]

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Microsoft Access Tutorial: How To Create A Leading Dot List

Microsoft Access Tutorial

If you wanted to generate a table of contents or a set of index pages, the format for this type of document tends to have leading dots connecting narratives with page numbers. Using Microsoft Word or other word processors and DTP applications; generating these pages is a breeze. With Microsoft Access however, it simply doesn’t exist and to mimic such a document we need to be a little creative here.  In this MS Access tutorial, I’m going to create a […]

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Access Report VBA: Using Some VBA Report Properties To Automate Your Microsoft Access Reports


Working and automating an Access report VBA will require some knowledge of the module window (VBE), the defined sections and an insight to pre-defined events for each element of a report design interface. However, let’s take a step back and identify some of the report properties that can be used in a module that do not appear in a standard design view layout for a report. The three I want to highlight here and you may want to note are: […]

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