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MS Access Queries: The Cartesian Product Effect – Working With Non Table Joins in Access

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If you ask an Access database developer what are the key strengths to this application and why don’t they use Microsoft Excel instead, you will probably hear at least two things. The first being MS Access queries and how flexible it is to ask questions of your data and the second would be how easy it is to take advantage of RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) or in other words, joining tables together. In this post, I want to focus […]

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Using Wild Card Characters When Searching MS Access Queries

Ms Access query

With your Ms Access query, everyone should be aware of the commonly used two wild card characters when searching your database records which are the ‘*’ (asterisk) and the ‘?’ (question mark). Here’s a quick video tutorial to refresh your memory (particularly for the beginner!). As the video quickly explains, you use the ‘*‘ and the ‘?‘ to find any number of characters or a single character placement for your text based values. Therefore, the following results would look like […]

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Access Pivot Table Versus Access Crosstab Query

Ms Access Query

The first thing to note when creating an Access Pivot table or a crosstab Ms Access Query is that they both handle the grouping and summarising of ‘detailed’ records which means in most cases this type of output reports are driven by the typical ‘SELECT’ based query. This article is not to show you how to create pivot tables or crosstab queries but how they differ; helping you to understand the key differences. If you want to know how, take a […]

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