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Aggregate Queries in Microsoft access database

In Microsoft access database, you might want to perform operations on not just one single record, but on a group of records. You can simply create fields that perform operations per row or on every record. But what happens when you perform calculations on a group of records? This is where Aggregate queries come in handy. Aggregate Query An Aggregate query lets you carry out calculations on record groups rather than perform individual operations, and because of that, it is also referred to as Summary query. It considers the total, subset, or gross amount of records. In performing calculations on a group […]

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Access Queries: Date Criteria May Not Always Work with MS Access Query

Learning about ms access query  is the key to a good database management system as it is the heart of any database application. There are many ways and questions to ask a database using queries and mastering the special conventions and criteria will pay dividend and avoid silly mistakes, illogical record set results and even errors. One of the more commonly used criteria and prone to errors (if misunderstood) is the date/time data type and it’s conventions. Take a look […]

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Microsoft Access Database 2016 Is Not Included In Office 365

Since its release, Microsoft Access database will not be available for all users of Office 365. Shocking isn’t it? Users who have purchased an Office 365 Business Premium were surprised to discover that Access 2016 wasn’t included in their subscriptions. Access 2016 is not included with any of the Office 365 Business subscriptions, even in Office 365 E1 or Office 365 Pro Plus enterprise subscriptions. If you want Microsoft Access Database 2016 in your enterprise, you should be opting instead for the full Office 365 E3 subscription. What […]

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Microsoft Access Database: Pass Through Queries

Ms Access Query

There are many Ms Access Query to choose from that will manage your database reporting requirements but there are a handful of lesser known types of queries that you may not be aware of. One in particular is a query called ‘Pass Through Query‘ as the following short video tutorial quickly explains… Putting aside for the heavy American accent, it clearly explains the use for this type of query and the power behind how a server based process like SQL Server will take the work […]

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Microsoft Access Update Queries: An Action Query

Ms Access Query

I witnessed a cardinal sin of one person manually editing the same value across multiple records instead of using one of Microsoft Access queries well known action query; the update query. Take a quick look at this preview video which is seven minutes long and covers the essentials (and ignore the title with reference to programming in 2013 – not applicable here). In this video, the author mentions the exact match (in double quotations marks) when setting the criteria as […]

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Microsoft Access Queries: 7 Basic Things to Know About MS Access Queries

Ms Access query

As I have mentioned before, Ms Access query is considered the most important object in your database. It’s the heart of the system and if you bypass it, there’s simply no life to your application! Just to put words into pictures, have a look at this simple diagram below (taken from one of my eBooks) You can see the above ‘Middle’ tier is a query which sits comfortably in the middle servicing all other key ‘Access‘ objects. Now imagine there were […]

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