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Access Queries: Date Criteria May Not Always Work with MS Access Query

Learning about ms access query  is the key to a good database management system as it is the heart of any database application. There are many ways and questions to ask a database using queries and mastering the special conventions and criteria will pay dividend and avoid silly mistakes, illogical record set results and even errors. One of the more commonly used criteria and prone to errors (if misunderstood) is the date/time data type and it’s conventions. Take a look […]

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Access Where Clause: The Difference Between Group By and Where in Microsoft Access Queries

Microsoft Access

Simple Access queries show detail, line by line records but summarising your data requires the Groups and Totals query. However, how you apply criteria may have an effect if you do not follow the rules. Using the Access ‘Where’ clause can be a better way to apply criteria to your query. This video tutorial (less than 5 minutes) will explain the use for an Access Where clause query instead of using the ‘Group By’ option… Access Where Clause: The Difference […]

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