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Microsoft Access Database: Data Types In Access – Currency Versus Number

Microsoft Access Database

Building an Access database normally starts with tables and getting the right data types in Access early on will save a lot of headaches later when calculation and referring to numeric values elsewhere. Currency and Number data types are different to each other and the flexibility, scope and application use will help you to make to right choice. Here’s a quick checklist: Is the value going to be a monetary process? How many decimal places are required for the field? […]

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Microsoft Access Security Warning – How To Disable This Warning (Access 2007 / 2010)

Microsoft Access 2010

This quick 2 minute video tutorial shows you how to handle Access security warning for version 2007 (which is the similar for Microsoft Access 2010). Take a look… Disable Microsoft Access Security Warning Microsoft Access Security Warning – How To Disable This Warning (Access 2007 / 2010) In this tutorial, handling Access security warning is a simple on and off switch via the trusted locations setting  (Access options). This practice is fine if you are the author or you know […]

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When to Use Microsoft Access database, When to Use Microsoft Excel

MS Access Macro

Tea or coffee? Shoes or trainers? Access or Excel? Life is full of different options but most of the time the decision comes down to practical requirements. If you need a shot of energy to get you through the day then you’ll be better off with a big mug of coffee. Likewise if you have an important business meeting scheduled it is probably best to stick to more formal footwear. But say that you have a volume of information that […]

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