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Microsoft Access Forms – How To Build Your Own MS Access Form Wizard

MS Access Form

One of the many uses that Microsoft Access forms can be used for includes the ability to create your very own MS Access form wizard feature. As you will be familiar with Microsoft Office in general, wizards are useful utilities that provide assistance for general users to complete a task that would otherwise take much longer to manually create step by step. In MS Access alone, there are many wizard features around ranging from the query wizard to adding predefined […]

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Access Database Forms: Working On Various Ways To Apply Read Only To Your Access Form Design

Access Database Forms

Whichever version of Microsoft Access you are currently using, working with and designing Access database forms can be time consuming, challenging and unpredictability, misbehave! The key to a successful form requires two key elements; a) a design plan with scope and b) knowing what form properties to apply to control workflows. It’s the second aspect I want to highlight in this blog post today and in this example, learning how to set a form and behave as ‘read only’ can […]

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Microsoft Access Forms: What Are The Pros And Cons Of Using Unbound Access Database Forms

Ms Access forms

As you may have gathered, one of my roles within this niche covers IT software training. When teaching Ms Access forms (usually during day 2), delegates would normally be shown the quickest method of creating such forms and that means using either the Access form templates or the built-in wizard tool. This of course means most forms (if not all) are ‘bound‘ forms or in other words, have a data source file attached whether it be a table or query. In […]

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Microsoft Access Forms: Working With The KeyPreview Property

Ms Access forms

Working and managing data via Ms Access forms is only as good as the design and if the user becomes frustrated then don’t expect your database (and you) to receive any credit. One element overlooked when form designing which is easily missed to be fair, is the lack of keyboard short-cuts should users wish to throw away that pesky ‘rodent’ mouse! After all, we end up enter and managing the data via the keyboard in any case. As you may have gathered by now, I’m a keyboard fan and only […]

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How To Create A Form In Access 2010: Working With the Layout View


This simple and quick 4 minute video tutorial on how to create a form in Access 2010 covers three basic elements of creating a form from a selected table object, adding additional fields and inserting a drop-down box control all with using the newer layout view (as introduced in Microsoft Access 2007). Using the quickest steps to creating a form removes the need to use a wizard and even visit the design view mode at all making this the quickest […]

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Access Form Controls: Coloured Tabs For Your MS Access Forms

Ms Access form

Working with Ms Access form controls may not always be as flexible as one would like and a particular control that comes to mind is the Tab Control. I have often been asked about if you can add a splash of colour and other formats to the Tab Control and the simple answer is not really as you are left with the empty and grey dull look and feel for tabs and their pages. The pages can be layered with boxes […]

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