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MS Access Database Forms: Using The SelStart And SelLength Properties

MS Access form

Have you noticed when you navigate between control fields in your MS Access database forms that it automatically selects the entire content (if not empty) instead of placing the cursor to the end of the last character? Using some simple Access VBA code, you can now control the placement for the cursor to mimic and automate placing the insertion point to the last character position ready for further editing. MS Access Database Forms: Using The SelStart And SelLength Properties The […]

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Microsoft Access Database Tutorial – How To Use Spellchecker On A MS Access Form

Ms Access Form

You’ve seen the Microsoft’s spell checker tool across Word, Excel and other Office applications and it’s even available within Microsoft Access database too. When entering data into any input control, text box, memo fields or anywhere else users enter text, you can quickly call the spell checker tool using the keyboard shortcut F7. If you use MS Access forms and in all honesty, you should be using them, you could automate the spell checker tool on selective controls using microsoft […]

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Microsoft Access Forms – How To Build Your Own MS Access Form Wizard

MS Access Form

One of the many uses that Microsoft Access forms can be used for includes the ability to create your very own MS Access form wizard feature. As you will be familiar with Microsoft Office in general, wizards are useful utilities that provide assistance for general users to complete a task that would otherwise take much longer to manually create step by step. In MS Access alone, there are many wizard features around ranging from the query wizard to adding predefined […]

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Access Form Controls: Coloured Tabs For Your MS Access Forms

Ms Access form

Working with Ms Access form controls may not always be as flexible as one would like and a particular control that comes to mind is the Tab Control. I have often been asked about if you can add a splash of colour and other formats to the Tab Control and the simple answer is not really as you are left with the empty and grey dull look and feel for tabs and their pages. The pages can be layered with boxes […]

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