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Microsoft Access Training: How To Use the “AllowByPassKey” Using VBA Code

Microsoft access training

As part of the Microsoft Access training used to teach VBA programmers, the “AllowByPassKey” became handy and a good example why you would consider using VBA code for your database. For a distributed application, you will invariably have what is known as ‘Startup‘ switched on and enabled which means that when users start an Access database file it will take you to some sort of starting screen (an Access form) which would be a welcome or main-menu screen. In a […]

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Backup Microsoft Access Databases: How to Apply Multiple Backups

microsoft access

Backup Microsoft Access Databases Using a Microsoft Access database provides a rich set of tools and features that users at all levels tend to chug away entering data, running reports and build new objects and give little time (if any) to some basic housekeeping including the very basics of backing up database files. There are various strategies and methods that can be applied to your Microsoft Access database and this blog post will highlight some of the options for you. […]

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Microsoft Access: The mindset of the VBA programmer

Microsoft Access

From my new VBA book due out soon, here’s an extract about the mindset of the Microsoft Access database VBA programmer… We need to start by establishing a frame of reference as to what we should expect when we are writing VBA code. Consider the scenario where you command a child to “open the door.” Think about all the individual actions that it takes to accomplish that one statement. The child has to approach the door, align the hand with the […]

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Microsoft Access Database – Working With Two Digit Hour Time Formats

Microsoft Access

Here’s a quick Microsoft Access tutorial video I found about applying formatting to the date/time data type control concentrating on the two digit hour time format that doesn’t always show up in two digit form. Even if you create a custom date/time format within Microsoft Access, the two-digit hour which is supported using the convention of “hh” via the format property doesn’t always work. It will show a single digit hour even though you’ve specified the right code. Take a […]

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When To Use MS Access And Get Some MS Access Training ?

MS Access

When To Use MS Access Creating your MS Access database is not as intuitive as say creating a spreadsheet in Excel but it does provide a richer set of tools and functionality which leads to when to use MS Access as your first choice? How to use Microsoft’s desktop database application once it has been planned, designed and implemented makes managing data and reports a breeze! Will this require some training? Let’s address when to use MS Access and below […]

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