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Designing A Multi-Table Query – Part 3

To view Part-1 of this series, (by Ben Beitler ), Click here >> Creating A Multi-Table Query Since we have planned our question, we are prepared to design and run it. If you have made written plans for your query, make certain to reference them frequently all through the ms access query design process. These are the steps in creating a multi-table query: 1. Choose the Query Design from the Create tab on the Ribbon. 2. In the Show Table dialog box that shows, choose each […]

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Microsoft Access VBA vs MACRO

Microsoft access

A common question often asked: Would it be a good idea for me to use Microsoft access macros or would it be advisable to use Microsoft Access VBA code instead? You should base your choice to use either Microsoft access macros or MS access VBA code with two initial concerns: Security Usefulness that you require. Macros are considered to be easier to learn than VBA and in most cases it’s probably faster  to create a macro than it is to write VBA […]

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Microsoft Access Tutorial – How to use Input Masks

Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access databases provide a wealth of tools and utilities to help control design layouts and data integrity. Working with the latter, you can reduce and even dismiss any programming at all to control data entry to a field in a table or via a form using the Access Input Mask feature. Take a quick look at this useful Microsoft Access tutorial (using version 2010) on how to set up an input mask. Very easy to create indeed and the […]

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Microsoft Access Database – Working With Two Digit Hour Time Formats

Microsoft Access

Here’s a quick Microsoft Access tutorial video I found about applying formatting to the date/time data type control concentrating on the two digit hour time format that doesn’t always show up in two digit form. Even if you create a custom date/time format within Microsoft Access, the two-digit hour which is supported using the convention of “hh” via the format property doesn’t always work. It will show a single digit hour even though you’ve specified the right code. Take a […]

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Microsoft Access Tutorial: How To Resize Form Fields Dynamically Using MS Access VBA

Microsoft Access

I often see many poorly designed Access forms that just make it hard and clumsy to navigate and use. One particular element (and there are many) is the lack of area space for a text box control like comments or notes that require some intervention in order to edit the content properly. Check out this Microsoft Access tutorial provided by ‘599CD Computer Training’ who provide some good and free video tutorials about Microsoft Access databases. On this occasion, it’s the […]

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Microsoft Access Tutorial: How To Create A Leading Dot List

Microsoft Access Tutorial

If you wanted to generate a table of contents or a set of index pages, the format for this type of document tends to have leading dots connecting narratives with page numbers. Using Microsoft Word or other word processors and DTP applications; generating these pages is a breeze. With Microsoft Access however, it simply doesn’t exist and to mimic such a document we need to be a little creative here.  In this MS Access tutorial, I’m going to create a […]

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