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Microsoft Access Database 2016: Printing Reports

Microsoft Access database

A report is only as good as the data stored and retrieved (typically via a query) in your Microsoft Access database but this simple video tutorial (less than 3 minutes) demonstrates what the feature you can run from your report print preview… While you can print reports using commands via the Backstage view, you can also use Print Preview. Print Preview shows you how your report will appear on the printed page. It also allows you to modify the way your report […]

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Microsoft Access Reports – Passing Totals From A Subreport Into The Main Report

Microsoft Access

Working with Microsoft Access Reports can be time consuming and fiddly to master and one of the common challenges is correctly writing calculated expressions between main reports and their embedded sub-reports. If you are not familiar with writing expressions, then I suggest you start with the built in Expression Builder utility which will navigate and build the correct references. With the Expression Builder, users can create a hierarchal reference if loaded via the main report design with a sub-report included […]

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Microsoft Access Reports: How To Number Entries In A Report

Microsoft Access

If you need to know how to number records for your Microsoft Access reports and haven’t added a sequential data field namely the AutoNumber (which should be a primary key), then here’s a quick way to add such a feature directly into your reports. Design your report using one of the various methods you know usually backed by an Access query – right? Then switch to the design view. Microsoft Access Reports: How To Number Entries In A Report – The […]

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