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Microsoft Access Table Relationships

Microsoft Access

An ideal database is free of redundant or duplicate data. To achieve that, you must split your data into many subject-based tables so each subject is presented only once. To do that in Microsoft Access, you place common fields in tables that are related. But before you do that, you must need to understand the relationships between your tables, then you can specify these relationships in your Access 2013 database. In this article, I will elaborate to you the ten […]

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Access Foreign Key: Why It Helps With Microsoft Access Relationships

Microsoft Access

I’m often asked about the Access foreign key and why we should use it in the first place. Well, to start with, take a look at this quick one and half minute video tutorial below to cover one use for it which briefly also explains one reason… Access Foreign Key: My Additional Comments On Microsoft Access Relationships In the video it clearly explained that an Access foreign key is the other end of a primary key’s relationship when connecting two […]

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Microsoft Access Database: Understanding Microsoft Access Relationships And Foreign Keys

Microsoft Access Database

This video tutorial (less than 2 minutes) explains the very basics of what Microsoft Access relationships are focusing on the foreign key and where it can be used. Microsoft Access Relationships With Foreign Keys Microsoft Access Database – My Thoughts About Microsoft Access Relationships With Foreign Keys Using the foreign key can be used in several ways not just as the video tutorial demonstrated. It’s also used to mark any field in a table to be indexed for your Access […]

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