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Designing A Multi-Table Query – Part 2

ms access query

To view Part-1 of this series, (by Ben Beitler ), Click here >> Queries can be hard to comprehend and fabricate if you don’t have a smart thought of what you’re trying to search and how to find it. A one-table MS access query can be simple enough to make up as you go along. However, to construct anything more powerful, you will need to plan the query initially. Planning a MS access query When planning a query that uses multiple tables, follow […]

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Microsoft Access Forms – How To Build Your Own MS Access Form Wizard

MS Access Form

One of the many uses that Microsoft Access forms can be used for includes the ability to create your very own MS Access form wizard feature. As you will be familiar with Microsoft Office in general, wizards are useful utilities that provide assistance for general users to complete a task that would otherwise take much longer to manually create step by step. In MS Access alone, there are many wizard features around ranging from the query wizard to adding predefined […]

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Microsoft Access Forms: Working With The KeyPreview Property

Ms Access forms

Working and managing data via Ms Access forms is only as good as the design and if the user becomes frustrated then don’t expect your database (and you) to receive any credit. One element overlooked when form designing which is easily missed to be fair, is the lack of keyboard short-cuts should users wish to throw away that pesky ‘rodent’ mouse! After all, we end up enter and managing the data via the keyboard in any case. As you may have gathered by now, I’m a keyboard fan and only […]

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Microsoft Access Database: Using The Tag Property in Microsoft Access Forms

Microsoft Access Database

Using a Microsoft Access database always requires a plan when developing software applications, which includes the scoping, specification, building and then testing begore using. Building Access forms and especially automating it with macros or VBA, there are some properties that can help and the one I want to show is the Access Form Tag Property. Take a look at my video below. Microsoft Access Database: Using The Tag Property in Microsoft Access Forms Even reports have this Tag property available but […]

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Microsoft Access Database: How To Search And Protect Data Using Microsoft Access Forms ?

Microsoft Access Forms

My latest EzineArticle talks about why you would use Microsoft Access Forms to search for data giving that extra layer of protection when controlling record searching and filtering. As with all versions of Microsoft Access databases and general software, no application is worth their salt unless you can either find or search for data, records or values in a document whether it be a text file or a long data list. In Microsoft Access, using the conventional search tool (or […]

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Calculated Values in Microsoft Access Forms or Reports Video Tutorial

Microsoft Access Forms

A quick video tutorial showing how to carry out basic calculations in a form though it can be applied to a report too. It demonstrates using the Expression Builder tool which is useful for picking and choosing functions, setting operators and locating other objects from other forms, report, queries and tables. A new look in Microsoft Access 2010 is the Expression Builder tool and has essentially the same functionality as the old one. Also, you can now even store a […]

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