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Access Database Tutorial is 4 Years Old

Access Database

I can’t believe it, Microsoft Access Database Tutorial is 4 years old this week! Spending the time to create a website offering various tools, resources and free tips and tricks was really down to my students which I’m very grateful to them for inspiring me to create a successful online service and it’s been an amazing journey so far but where has the time flown? 4 Years on! With all the newer applications and online web processes of today, Microsoft Access […]

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Microsoft Access Database: 5 Settings To Avoid With Microsoft Access Options Causing You Headaches

Microsoft Access

Here’s an article I wrote some time ago but is worth a revisit since the newer generation of users tend not to be always aware of the background tasks Access sometimes insists on performing… When I first started to use Microsoft Access (back in 1993) which was then version 1.1 and quickly moved to the newer version of 2.0, you had various options available that could be set to change the behaviour of how you viewed and ran the basic […]

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Microsoft Access Database Names and Reserved Word Problems

Microsoft Access database

Designing your Microsoft Access database requires a plan, some dedicated time and vision, and without some scope for your new database, you can easily fall at the first hurdle when building and implementing a system with the lack of attention to detail of using key names and reserved words. Some of the reserved names and words can be used depending where it’s being utilised but some will prompt you with a warning as being ambiguous because they are properties of […]

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Converting Microsoft Access Databases Between Versions (ACCDB/MDB)

Microsoft Access Databases

With the release of Access 2007, a newer file format (ACCDB) was introduced and suddenly users and developers were confronted with a mix of versions and formats to contend. Therefore, converting Microsoft Access databases between versions required some careful and additional planning for your database.  Here’s a five minute video tutorial which demonstrates using Access 2013 where and how to convert between the two common file formats. Converting Microsoft Access Databases Between Versions (ACCDB/MDB) From the tutorial, it clearly highlighted […]

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Microsoft Access Database Articles: Check Out My EzineArticles

Microsoft Access Database

It’s too hot to work – taking a vacation! While I’m away, checkout my Microsoft Access Database EzineArticles or click that big ‘Diamond Expert Author’ logo to the right of my home page. Microsoft Access Database Articles: Check Out My EzineArticles Here are some of the direct links to popular articles: Microsoft Access Database Design Tips – Want To Know 7 Quick Tips To Designing Your Access Database? I’m often asked How do you design a good Access database? My simple […]

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