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Microsoft Access Training: Building Access Label Reports

Microsoft Access Training

Continuing with the Microsoft Access training series, building Access label reports is pretty straight forward (especially with the built-in wizard tool). As a snapshot and quick peek into my Access database eBook, here’s some more information to help establish your options. This type of report can be used for printing label address information to fit a pre-defined or custom defined label sheet (normally an adhesive or plain paper sheet). It can be based on a Table, Query or another external data […]

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Microsoft Access Training: How To Use the “AllowByPassKey” Using VBA Code

Microsoft access training

As part of the Microsoft Access training used to teach VBA programmers, the “AllowByPassKey” became handy and a good example why you would consider using VBA code for your database. For a distributed application, you will invariably have what is known as ‘Startup‘ switched on and enabled which means that when users start an Access database file it will take you to some sort of starting screen (an Access form) which would be a welcome or main-menu screen. In a […]

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Microsoft Access database – Build Custom Functions

Microsoft Access database

Being also a seasoned MS Excel user (I guess, just like you), you’d expect Microsoft Access database functions to provide just a rich level of pre-defined functions one could adopt. However, you will have noticed that this is not the case. MS Access seems a little short on the richness with regards to the calculating power, defaulting back to using Exceland leaving Access to get on with what it does best – storing and the retrieval of data. Did you […]


Microsoft Access Database: Where’s the Switchboard Manager Tool?

Microsoft Access Database

If you have been using Microsoft Access Database for quite some time and been through a few upgrades over the years and ended up with the latest version (currently Access 2016/Office 365), then you will have noticed many changes, newer look and feel, new features and older utilities and tools being dropped (deprecated). One example is the Switchboard Manager tool which up until version 2007 was the easiest way to create custom built menu forms to allow users to easily […]

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Creating a database in Access

Creating a database in access

Here’s an extraction taken from one of my eBooks, Here’s a quick overview to get you started and apply some if not all the above concepts discussed (from earlier chapters). Creating a new database in Access Step 1 – Start Microsoft Access and you are presented with an interface where you can choose from a number of different templates. The screen shot presented below shows a few template examples: If you are going to select one of the options (refer […]

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How to create a database in Access – Building Tables (Quick Start)

How to create a database in access

“You really need to use Table Templates to help assist in building fields and data types on your behalf!”   As part of the how to create a database in Access series, building tables is key top storing dataand using the table blank template or tools Application Parts (other Templates) will give you a leg up onto the first design ladder of the building process for your new Access database. If you have built the database shell without any tables, […]

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