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Aggregate Queries in Microsoft access database

In Microsoft access database, you might want to perform operations on not just one single record, but on a group of records. You can simply create fields that perform operations per row or on every record. But what happens when you perform calculations on a group of records? This is where Aggregate queries come in handy. Aggregate Query An Aggregate query lets you carry out calculations on record groups rather than perform individual operations, and because of that, it is also referred to as Summary query. It considers the total, subset, or gross amount of records. In performing calculations on a group […]

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8 Tips to Create Flexible Tables in Microsoft Access

Tables should be responsive, optimized and efficiently designed for your Microsoft access database. Databases are all about tables and how they hold and then show the information stored in them. It is vital for them to be flexible, dependable and informative. That’s the reason why it is fundamental to create and assign the appropriate properties to such tables. The following 8 simple tips will help to plan and build your Microsoft access database tables: 1. Naming of the fields The name […]

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Microsoft Access Database Tutorial VBA Code Task Tool To Outlook

Microsoft Access Database

It’s very strange how Microsoft Access database systems and processes constantly repeat themselves and once again I’m working on some VBA code to communicate with Microsoft Outlook (Email and contact management system). Here you can see a quick video of such a simple but effective utility I offer (for only the cost of a couple of pints of beer!) – check it out… Microsoft Access Database Tutorial VBA Code Task Tool To Outlook The Task Tool utility was built to demonstrate […]

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