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Microsoft Access Database: How To Completely Remove A Database ?

Microsoft Access Database, like with many of the other Microsoft applications is very versatile and can be a valuable asset for businesses (of all scopes). However, unlike MS Word and MS Excel which are normally used in the workplace for the day to day and general running of the business work flow and then can be also used to support Microsoft Access at a level that complements other systems, Microsoft Access Database is the kind of application that takes office applications to the next level and can be used in various […]

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Why You Should Avoid Using Memo Fields for Grouping in MS Access ?

A memo field can store a huge quantity of information, allowing up to 65,536 characters, with different choices. In the most recent release of Microsoft access database, it can store up to 1 GB of characters and enables rich text formatting. However, it is often advised to avoid the use of memo fields for grouping in Access. Memo Fields In the 2009 edition of Microsoft access database and including the recent version, there was a bug in which the memo […]

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Microsoft Access Database 2013: Building A Navigation Control Form

Microsoft Access Database

This quick three and half minute video tutorial will demonstrate how easy it is to build Microsoft Access database navigation control forms keeping the controls and property settings to a minimum whilst also utilising the ribbon bar too… There’s no voice over but some light melodic tones to easily follow the tips and techniques in building that navigation control form. Microsoft Access Database 2013: Building A Navigation Control Form Of course, one assumes you have also pre-prepared and built either […]

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