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MS Access Data Projects: 4 Guidelines to Help You Move On

With the most recent versions of Microsoft Access 2016, it no longer offers support for Access Data Project (ADP) files but for the more seasoned releases it will still continue to support ADP’s. End-users will find it imperative to learn about the alternatives they could use when planning to update the application. Before recommending any options, there are certain basics you need to understand first. Why Access is never again supporting ADP ? Microsoft Access 2016 is due SQL Azure […]

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Access Security Warning: Decide Whether To Trust Your Access Database

Access Database

The Access security warning system was changed and further enhanced with the release of Access 2007 and improved again with version 2010 making this even simpler to use as you now decide if you want to ‘Trust‘ your Access Database making all other security elements automatically trusted for you. The encryption technology within Microsoft Access 2010 is certainly the most sophisticated yet and covers the wider range of the MS Office suite too and for the first time Microsoft also provides you […]

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Microsoft Access Database: A Powerful Database Program for Novice End Users!

Microsoft Access

I found the following article about Microsoft Access Databases which is aimed at those who are considering using a powerful database management tool and have no knowledge or have no idea which application to choose. This article will ease the new ‘prospect user’ towards using Microsoft Access as being the friendlier application when comparing with other and somewhat larger systems. Microsoft Access Database: Here’s the article… Databases are an essential part of the business world, but many database programs are […]

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Introducing the Microsoft Access 2010 Hybrid Application

Microsoft Access 2010

This is a longer than normal video tutorial that I typically post on my blog but this is an important introduction for developers (and end-users too of course!) who are considering building an Access database for deployment over the internet as well as managed via the native application objects of Microsoft Access. You will need SharePoint Services 2010 or an Access hosting service to handle ‘live’ web application’s objects and with Access 2010, simple tools to help check, manage and […]

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Microsoft Access 2010: Outlook-Style Calendar in Browser View

Microsoft Access 2010

One of my biggest complaints with Access of old was the inflexibility of publishing and multi-user sharing online (via the web). Earlier versions of Microsoft Access used a ‘static’ web view known as Pages and to get to any level of interaction required some programming and scripting skills. With Access 2010 combined with SharePoint 2010 services this now provides that missing ‘automated’ link. The video demonstrates what can be done using a simple business process of an online calendar system […]