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MS Access Data Projects: 4 Guidelines to Help You Move On

With the most recent versions of Microsoft Access 2016, it no longer offers support for Access Data Project (ADP) files but for the more seasoned releases it will still continue to support ADP’s. End-users will find it imperative to learn about the alternatives they could use when planning to update the application. Before recommending any options, there are certain basics you need to understand first. Why Access is never again supporting ADP ? Microsoft Access 2016 is due SQL Azure […]

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Microsoft Access Database: Use Search in Microsoft Access 2007

Microsoft Access 2007

As with all Microsoft Access database applications, using the conventional search tool (Find Command) is basic but does exactly what is says on the tin! This quick video tutorial shows your how you find data values in Microsoft Access 2007 highlighting the basic options that can be used across one or all fields. Use Search in Microsoft Access 2007 The problem here is that users are searching for values directly in either a table or a query and leaves your […]

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