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Microsoft Access Database: Where’s the Switchboard Manager Tool?

Microsoft Access Database

If you have been using Microsoft Access Database for quite some time and been through a few upgrades over the years and ended up with the latest version (currently Access 2016/Office 365), then you will have noticed many changes, newer look and feel, new features and older utilities and tools being dropped (deprecated). One example is the Switchboard Manager tool which up until version 2007 was the easiest way to create custom built menu forms to allow users to easily […]

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How to Hide the Ribbon When Launching Microsoft access database ?

Hide the Ribbon When Launching Microsoft access database Having Ribbons in your Microsoft access database application helps a lot when you need to use all the tabs that are present on the ribbon. However, there are times that you need to prevent the tabs on the ribbon from displaying when launching the application. MS Access, by default, does not provide an option for hiding the ribbon. Because of that,you have to opt for external approaches. One way is to create and […]

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What Types Of Things Can I Do With A Microsoft Access Database?

Microsoft Access offers

Microsoft Access offers a variety of different ways to how a database can be used. There are six general types of applications which a database will naturally fall under. They are: • Personal or One-to-one use • Small-business (SME) use • Departmental use • Corporation-wide use • Front-end only use (client/server databases) • Web use Of course the above uses can be merged into each other but at the very beginning when planning your Access database, you need to know […]

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