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Microsoft Access Database 2013: Building A Navigation Control Form

Microsoft Access Database

This quick three and half minute video tutorial will demonstrate how easy it is to build Microsoft Access database navigation control forms keeping the controls and property settings to a minimum whilst also utilising the ribbon bar too… There’s no voice over but some light melodic tones to easily follow the tips and techniques in building that navigation control form. Microsoft Access Database 2013: Building A Navigation Control Form Of course, one assumes you have also pre-prepared and built either […]

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Microsoft Access Database: How To Search And Protect Data Using Microsoft Access Forms ?

Microsoft Access Forms

My latest EzineArticle talks about why you would use Microsoft Access Forms to search for data giving that extra layer of protection when controlling record searching and filtering. As with all versions of Microsoft Access databases and general software, no application is worth their salt unless you can either find or search for data, records or values in a document whether it be a text file or a long data list. In Microsoft Access, using the conventional search tool (or […]

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