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Microsoft Access Validation Rules In Tables

Microsoft Access

A Microsoft Access validation rule restricts or controls what a user can input in a table field. You can think of it as a set of layers which ensures that your users input data properly. Here’s a quick video tutorial to get you going and very easy to apply. Microsoft Access provides several ways to validate data: data types, field sizes, table properties, and input masks. Among these, table properties provide specific types of data validation. One example is setting the […]

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Microsoft Access Database: Creating a Validation Rule in an Access Table

Microsoft Access Database

Take a look at this quick and clear explanation of how to set Validation Rules in Microsoft Access via a table. The validation rules use the same logical expressions that can be found typically in criteria of a query and must return a logical value of either TRUE or FALSE in order to accept or reject the value and trigger an exception (validation text property). This simple property is easier to apply than attaching a macro or VBA code to […]

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