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Problems With Memo Fields When Running A Query In Access 2010

Microsoft Access Database

I recently wrote an EzineArticle about the Memo fields when running a query in Access and what has changed with the latest version (2010). It can affect criteria and causes sorting challenges and should be avoided if at all possible. But if you really need it, then read on and know your options… Creating Microsoft Access Queries – Why You Should Avoid The Memo Data Type In Access Queries I recently worked on a migration Access database project converting from […]

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Microsoft Access IIF Function in a Query

This video tutorial is clear and simple to follow and explains the IIF function well (in it’s simplest form). Users who are normally familiar with Microsoft Excel’s IIF function will be able to relate to this function as it is the same! The only aspect you will need to know of course is how to create a calculation in a query which is demonstrated quickly in this video but if want to know more about how to calculate in a […]

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Microsoft Access Query Formulas Combining Fields, Calculation

Microsoft Access

Queries are the heart of any Access database and ms access query is typically utilised especially when wanting to calculate. A common type of calculation is known as ‘Concatenate’ which is demonstrated here with the ‘FirstName’ and ‘LastName’ fields. Also, this query uses the common ‘nz’ function to deal with null to zero calculations. Note the naming conventions for fields i.e. no spaces but spaces are acceptable for aliases. As a Thank You for Visiting! Claim your free eBook NOW […]

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