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Calculated Values in Microsoft Access Forms or Reports Video Tutorial

Microsoft Access Forms

A quick video tutorial showing how to carry out basic calculations in a form though it can be applied to a report too. It demonstrates using the Expression Builder tool which is useful for picking and choosing functions, setting operators and locating other objects from other forms, report, queries and tables. A new look in Microsoft Access 2010 is the Expression Builder tool and has essentially the same functionality as the old one. Also, you can now even store a […]

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Structuring Queries In Access 2007

People prefer to keep complex data sets in databases rather than in flat files because data can be found and grouped more precisely when it is stored in a database. The ability to draw data out of a database depends upon the ability to structure queries, or requests that define specific records. Structuring queries in Access 2007 is relatively easy because Access is designed to handle many different types of operators. An operator is a special symbol or reserved word […]

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