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Accountants Should Dump Microsoft Excel for MS Access Database

MS Access

I’ve been saying this for years, MS Access databases is simply far better than Excel. In fact Access is just Excel on steroids! As the following link to this article says “…we are all Excel-aholics who can’t get through the day without busting out a spreadsheet…“.  Here’s the article link: http://goingconcern.com/post/accountants-should-dump-microsoft-excel-database-software Accountants Should Dump Microsoft Excel for MS Access Database The default reaction is to lean towards Excel and that’s understandable but that’s because it’s how we are all first taught to […]

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Microsoft Office Access 2007 & Microsoft Office Excel 2007 – Which one to use?

Microsoft Office Access 2007

A quick and useful video demonstration highlighting the pros and cons between the popular Microsoft Office applications. As newer versions are released (the latest being Microsoft Office 2010), so the functionality becomes richer and the closer applications become making it even harder to decide which one to choose. Luckily, Microsoft Office (Professional) has both Excel and Access, the only problem now is to understand the key differences. It’s natural to lean towards Microsoft Excel – why? Well, everyone starts here […]

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