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Microsoft Access Database: What Is the ‘Record is too large’ Error 3047

Microsoft Access

You maybe starting to think that Microsoft Access is a buggy and is a ‘full of bugs’ application becoming very unstable indeed but the complexity and the power of what MS Access provides out ways some minor and silly errors that can occur. Error code 3047 refers to records being too large for a database file and typically triggered when attempting to import data from another external application. The common method you will see this is when you use the […]

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Microsoft Access Database Error 3112, Record(s) cannot be read!

Microsoft Access Database

Who says software is perfect? Microsoft Access database is no different and can suffer to either poor programming or bad computer memory, cluster blockages or fragmentation build up. One common error code seen (but not often arises) in your MS Access is “Error 3112” with a supporting message implying records cannot be read; no read permission for a particular table or even a system table (which is normally hidden). So, when working on your Microsoft Access database and opening either […]

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MS Access Tools: How To Convert And Deploy An Access Database File As An Executable (ACCDE Or MDE)

MS Access

Building your Access database for others who do not necessarily have the MS Access application or need to gain access to the design environment means wrapping and converting your file into an executable format (ACCDE or MDE). Using the MS Access tools available, this is just a start to a full deploy-able solution. Take a look at this quick video (less than three minutes) showing first the process to convert your ACCDB/MDB file into an executable format and then introducing you to […]

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