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Accountants Should Dump Microsoft Excel for MS Access Database

MS Access

I’ve been saying this for years, MS Access databases is simply far better than Excel. In fact Access is just Excel on steroids! As the following link to this article says “…we are all Excel-aholics who can’t get through the day without busting out a spreadsheet…“.  Here’s the article link: http://goingconcern.com/post/accountants-should-dump-microsoft-excel-database-software Accountants Should Dump Microsoft Excel for MS Access Database The default reaction is to lean towards Excel and that’s understandable but that’s because it’s how we are all first taught to […]

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Microsoft Access Database Normalization Versus DeNormalization

Access Query

To normalize or to de-normalize that is the question! Database normalization is widely misunderstood. Any new database system should adopt some level of database normalization (a minimum of ‘Third Normal Form (3NF)’) but what does this really mean? The idea behind database normalization is to protect and maintain the data integrity keeping your data complete and consistent when storing data (input) to handling effective reporting (output). Keeping records in one place which can be related and impact data values in […]

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How to Utilise and Apply Access Database Normalisation Techniques?

Access Database Normalisation levels 1, 2, 3; getting normal about it! The process of Database Normalisation was developed by E.F.Codd who is widely considered the father of relational database theory. There are several rules which provide theoretical structures and disciplines which are not always practical to follow but help provide the main goals which are: Eliminate redundant information Increase data integrity Make systems more efficient Modern databases should be in BCNF Boyce-Codd Normal Form which is deemed to be at […]

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