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Data Types In Access Databases: Knowing More About Date/Time

Access Databases

This quick 80 second video simply shows you how to set data types in Access and this example is the Date/Time data type. It’s not that difficult to create but just in case you weren’t sure – it’s below here for your information before I explain a little background to the Date/Time data type. Data Types In Access Databases: Knowing More About Date/Time How are dates stored in Microsoft Access? Knowing more about data types in Access will give better […]

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Microsoft Access Database: Data Types In Access – Currency Versus Number

Microsoft Access Database

Building an Access database normally starts with tables and getting the right data types in Access early on will save a lot of headaches later when calculation and referring to numeric values elsewhere. Currency and Number data types are different to each other and the flexibility, scope and application use will help you to make to right choice. Here’s a quick checklist: Is the value going to be a monetary process? How many decimal places are required for the field? […]

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