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How To Make Labels In Access Databases Using The Label Wizard Tool ?

Access Databases

Take a look at this video tutorial which is under 7 minutes long on how to make labels in Access using the label wizard tool. It’s a very simple utility to use and the video explains in good detail of each step required to build effective labels for your Access database reports. How To Make Labels In Access Databases Using The Label Wizard Tool? It’ s refreshing to see the author of this video see some ‘error‘ or warning prompts […]

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Microsoft Access Database: Creating Group and Summary Reports the Quick Way

Microsoft Access Database

Building Microsoft Access database reports is a breeze especially with the later versions (2007 and 2010) now that you have a one-click icon option to generate reports from selected tables or queries as well as still maintaining the more conventional method of the wizard tool too. However, when creating standard detailed list reports (also known as tabular reports in Microsoft Access) based on typically related tables via a query, these reports can be lengthy in terms of the number of […]

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