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How to Back up Your Split Database in Microsoft Access ?

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A split database is created by splitting two Access database files ending up with a ‘Back-End’ and ‘Front-End’ database files. A ‘Back-End’ Access database normally contains only the data tables while the ‘Front-End’ comprises the remaining database objects such as queries, forms, and reports. The data that a user inputs in a database object will be stored in the tables that back-end databases hold. Anybody can go through the information available in the front-end database but in order to access the back-end, the user needs to have administrator permission. Splitting a database can improve its performance, help secure your data, […]

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Working with ms access tables

ms access tables

Like in other database application tables are the building block of any ms access database. These tips will be on how to create ms access tables and enter data in the database that is stored in your tables. Tables are the only place you can store data in ms access databases. What is a table in ms access? The table is set of columns and rows. Columns in ms access tables are called fields. When working with a table, every […]

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Microsoft Access Database Templates – Some Are Even Free!

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With the latest version of MS Access database (2016) and following on with tradition, Microsoft provides a selection of free Access Database templates and these can be found via a new database file action where thumbnails are available to get you started. Quite a few of the standard templates are reasonable and they do require more custom design time to at least make them more user friendly. However, take the above ‘Tasks’ database example which created several different objects including tables, queries, […]

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Designing An Access Database: Some Simple Steps For Your New MS Access Database

Access database

As I have preached many times and so it seems other Access database experts are of the same opinion, designing an Access database requires a plan, time and a methodical approach. I found this article which is another perspective but similar to my 7 step MS Access database plan that may be worth a read – check it out below… Create an MS Access Database – 9 Simple Steps to a Productive Database STEP 1: Define the Purpose Before you […]

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How Building An Access Database To Your Own Specification Will Help ?

Building An Access Database

One of my main ‘day’ jobs includes building an Access database and this would typically cover a wide range of tasks including an add-on report to an existing system, adding a new form interface making it more user-friendly, repairing errors and creating a new database from the ground up. When applying to tender for a database build, often clients like to see my portfolio work as a way to measure my credentials as an Access database developer. Since most of […]

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