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Distinct Queries? How To Create An Access Database Query And Make It Unique

Microsoft Access Macros

Microsoft Office Professional ships with the MS Access database application that lets you analyse and manage large amounts of data better than say an Excel spreadsheet. Sometimes, the information stored in various tables becomes fragmented causing duplication and at some point will need to be cleaned up. This is where distinct queries can help. Since a query asks questions to the database tables, it can also control how the information will be displayed in the output and that also includes […]

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How To Create An Access Database From Excel ?

How To Create An Access Database

To create an Access database from an Excel spreadsheet is simple enough to setup and apply. However, there are some preparations involved as data is being migrated from a ‘flat-file’ environment (which is what data in a spreadsheet provides) to a relational database (RDBMS – which is one of Microsoft Access’s strengths). Take a look at this video tutorial to see some of the final steps in migrating and populating data to create an Access database from an Excel spreadsheet… […]

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