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Microsoft Access Database: What Is the ‘Record is too large’ Error 3047

Microsoft Access

You maybe starting to think that Microsoft Access is a buggy and is a ‘full of bugs’ application becoming very unstable indeed but the complexity and the power of what MS Access provides out ways some minor and silly errors that can occur. Error code 3047 refers to records being too large for a database file and typically triggered when attempting to import data from another external application. The common method you will see this is when you use the […]

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Planning Tips To Building A Microsoft Access Database


In my latest eBook on how to build a Microsoft Access database, I cover a section about planning your database before developers should delve in and implement. Before they know it, it’s too late when they realise how off track they are and now left with potentially a reversing and undoing exercise! So, to get started on the right track, here’s an extract for your reference… Reverse Engineering? I’m often asked How do you design a good Microsoft Access database? […]

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Converting Microsoft Access Databases Between Versions (ACCDB/MDB)

Microsoft Access Databases

With the release of Access 2007, a newer file format (ACCDB) was introduced and suddenly users and developers were confronted with a mix of versions and formats to contend. Therefore, converting Microsoft Access databases between versions required some careful and additional planning for your database.  Here’s a five minute video tutorial which demonstrates using Access 2013 where and how to convert between the two common file formats. Converting Microsoft Access Databases Between Versions (ACCDB/MDB) From the tutorial, it clearly highlighted […]

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