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Create a Report in Microsoft access database 2016 – Part 2

As a reminder, Please review Create a Report in Microsoft Access 2016 –Part 1 Reports can be designed and formatted in the same way as we do with forms in Microsoft access database . When you create a report, four new tabs show up in the Ribbon particularly for working with reports. Report Header and Footer The report header and footer are shown just once in the report. The report header is shown at the topmost part of the first page, and […]

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Microsoft Access Database: Think Relational, Not Flat with An Access Database

Access Database

Microsoft Access databases are typically used as relational data sets of information but the clarity of what is a relational database versus the ‘flat‘ file database seems to muddy the waters from at times. I personally have fallen foul to when I have used a relational, flat or both types of data capture processes and this is down to the lack of planning – shame on me! It’s a common mistake to use ‘Yes/no‘ data types fields to attach transactional […]

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