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Microsoft Access Tutorial: Creating A Many-To-Many Relationship

Microsoft Access Tutorial

Let’s revisit a popular aspect to your Microsoft Access Tutorial database design; Creating a many-to-many relationship. Firstly, watch this quick video which explain the key components and the starting steps to getting to the many-to-many state for your Access database. In order to create this type of relationship, it’s now clear we need an interceding or junction table to handle the two-way joins of the outer tables with the option of setting referential integrity option which tightens the operational side […]

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Using Microsoft Access To Organise Your Life

Using Microsoft Access

A useful introduction video showing the ‘back-end’ tools namely Tables and Queries being designed and used. It’s only the start though and you will need to do some more research. I like this video because it’s not been scripted or rehearsed showing how we all think when creating a table and a query with the author making decisions on the go applying changes during his presentation – great! If you want help, please contact me for advice and how you […]

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