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Building Access Forms – Thе Design Concept

MS Access forms

Uѕіng MS Access forms tо display records іn а fаr easier layout аnd format wіll give user’s thе confidence аnd thе protection of controlling data processing tasks. MS Access forms аllоwѕ thе uѕе оf data tо bе presented, managed аnd controlled іn а user-friendly environment making Access mоrе intuitive tо use.  Designing forms іѕ critical fоr оthеr users whо wіll bе responsible fоr thе day-to-day running оf а database аnd hаvе vеrу lіttlе knowledge оf thе structure оf аn […]

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Access Form Designs – How To Create A Report Interface For Your Access Database

Access form

For the more polished and professional database, using Access form designs doesn’t necessarily mean viewing records from tables and queries. It can also serve as a general way to manage your MS Access database objects namely Access reports. For example, running reports from a nicely designed form showing a list of available reports that calls another form (perhaps for its criteria) before it actually displays the preview or hard copy report can improve the usability of your custom built application. […]

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Microsoft Access Database – 5 Useful Tips When Building Access Forms

How To Create An Access Database

Building Access forms is a fun part of the Microsoft Access database build plan but it’s also the most challenging and can be time consuming too especially when you lose track of time getting carried away with all the fun yes, it’s fun for me anyway! Here are my 5 useful tips when building Access forms which are designed to help speed up your Access database application as this is one of the biggest areas which can slow that database […]

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Microsoft Access Database: How To Search And Protect Data Using Microsoft Access Forms ?

Microsoft Access Forms

My latest EzineArticle talks about why you would use Microsoft Access Forms to search for data giving that extra layer of protection when controlling record searching and filtering. As with all versions of Microsoft Access databases and general software, no application is worth their salt unless you can either find or search for data, records or values in a document whether it be a text file or a long data list. In Microsoft Access, using the conventional search tool (or […]

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