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Microsoft Access Database Forms: Highlight Current Record For A Continuous Form

Microsoft Access Form

As you migrate from version to version, working with Microsoft Access database forms becomes more intuitive and easier to design and implement using the pre-built templates, wizards and improving richer set of formatting tools. Conditional formatting (once it was introduced) started life as a setting for up to three conditional formats which satisfied most requirements but now the with the later versions, it’s layered and can exceed this number for true flexibility and complex conditioning. The point here is what […]

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Microsoft Access Database Tutorial – How To Use Spellchecker On A MS Access Form

Ms Access Form

You’ve seen the Microsoft’s spell checker tool across Word, Excel and other Office applications and it’s even available within Microsoft Access database too. When entering data into any input control, text box, memo fields or anywhere else users enter text, you can quickly call the spell checker tool using the keyboard shortcut F7. If you use MS Access forms and in all honesty, you should be using them, you could automate the spell checker tool on selective controls using microsoft […]

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Microsoft Access Tutorial: How To Resize Form Fields Dynamically Using MS Access VBA

Microsoft Access

I often see many poorly designed Access forms that just make it hard and clumsy to navigate and use. One particular element (and there are many) is the lack of area space for a text box control like comments or notes that require some intervention in order to edit the content properly. Check out this Microsoft Access tutorial provided by ‘599CD Computer Training’ who provide some good and free video tutorials about Microsoft Access databases. On this occasion, it’s the […]

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Microsoft Access Tutorial: How To Build Alternative Access Form Controls – The Command Button

access form

Building Access form is a time consuming aspect to front-end database designs and in this Microsoft Access tutorial, I want to add some extra aesthetics and alternative control enhancements for you. There are many Access form controls, formats and properties that can be applied to a form over and above the basics ranging from the more advanced conditional formatting options to the custom built controls including my recent post on coloured tab controls. So here’s some alternatives for your traditional […]

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Access Database Forms: How To Print A Record In Access Through A Form

Access Database Form

Interacting with Microsoft Access database form provides that rich, smooth and harmonious way to control data with functionality.  One popular feature is the ability to call another object namely a report for the active/current record and either preview or print a hard copy avoiding the extra steps of navigating and finding the same record via the database or navigation window. So, how do you print just the one record you are viewing via the form? You will first need to create […]

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Access Report VBA: Using Some VBA Report Properties To Automate Your Microsoft Access Reports


Working and automating an Access report VBA will require some knowledge of the module window (VBE), the defined sections and an insight to pre-defined events for each element of a report design interface. However, let’s take a step back and identify some of the report properties that can be used in a module that do not appear in a standard design view layout for a report. The three I want to highlight here and you may want to note are: […]

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