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Designing A Multi-Table Query – Part 2

ms access query

To view Part-1 of this series, (by Ben Beitler ), Click here >> Queries can be hard to comprehend and fabricate if you don’t have a smart thought of what you’re trying to search and how to find it. A one-table MS access query can be simple enough to make up as you go along. However, to construct anything more powerful, you will need to plan the query initially. Planning a MS access query When planning a query that uses multiple tables, follow […]

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Microsoft Access VBA vs MACRO

Microsoft access

A common question often asked: Would it be a good idea for me to use Microsoft access macros or would it be advisable to use Microsoft Access VBA code instead? You should base your choice to use either Microsoft access macros or MS access VBA code with two initial concerns: Security Usefulness that you require. Macros are considered to be easier to learn than VBA and in most cases it’s probably faster  to create a macro than it is to write VBA […]

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How to Convert Microsoft Access Macros To Visual Basic For Application VBA

Access VBA

The scenario: You’ve inherited an Access database that was originally built way back say with version 97 and some of the forms have started to look a little tired (which is not an issue) and you discovered that when opening the database there are over 250 separate macro procedures which most were only useful for a single form. What do you do? You certainly need to consider either tidying up the macros, grouping them in to some sort of logical […]

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Access VBA Events: What Are Events And How Do We Use MS Access VBA Events

Access VBA

Microsoft Access VBA events have been around forever! Well, not forever but since VBA has been (circa 20+ years) and it’s still widely unexplored beyond the basic event triggers one gets to see and know about namely the clicking of a Command Button on a form or when the form itself opens. Many users and developers have used events in many ways which is not just exclusive to MS Access (Excel is also a very popular application) and to get […]

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MS Access Databases Properties: How To Set It Using Access VBA And The DAO Object

MS Access databases

As with most Microsoft Office applications, MS Access databases also have a properties feature that captures the basic file attributes like author, date and subject to name a few. There is also a custom tab to edit and add your own properties and is stored with the database file itself. To know more about changing the built-in properties window, see view and change MS Office 2010 file properties. For the earlier versions (pre 2007), this feature can be found via the […]

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How To Convert Numbers To Words: Access VBA Function

Access VBA

Once again, I’ve been asked by a client to create procedure to turn a monetary number (numerical value) into its text equivalent and so I wanted to share with you how to convert numbers to words using Visual Basic code that can also be applied not just to your Access database but with any application that entertains VBA code! How To Convert Numbers To Words: The Steps This article is intended for users who know and have some VBA code […]

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