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Microsoft Access Tutorial: How To Create A Leading Dot List

Microsoft Access Tutorial

If you wanted to generate a table of contents or a set of index pages, the format for this type of document tends to have leading dots connecting narratives with page numbers. Using Microsoft Word or other word processors and DTP applications; generating these pages is a breeze. With Microsoft Access however, it simply doesn’t exist and to mimic such a document we need to be a little creative here.  In this MS Access tutorial, I’m going to create a […]

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Microsoft Access String Function: Borrowing String Functions from Excel

Microsoft Access Database

I published an article last week on how you can use an Access string function that doesn’t really exist in Microsoft Access. In fact, you can build any function you like but using Microsoft Excel which has the function I wanted to utilise saved my having to create a function from scratch.Check it out below how you can do this… Custom Microsoft Access Functions: How To Borrow Functions From The Microsoft Excel Library The definition of any function no matter […]

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