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Create a Report in Microsoft access database 2016 – Part 2

As a reminder, Please review Create a Report in Microsoft Access 2016 –Part 1 Reports can be designed and formatted in the same way as we do with forms in Microsoft access database . When you create a report, four new tabs show up in the Ribbon particularly for working with reports. Report Header and Footer The report header and footer are shown just once in the report. The report header is shown at the topmost part of the first page, and […]

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Microsoft Access Database: Changing the Theme for Forms & Reports in Access 2010

Microsoft Access Database

The following quick video tutorial (75 seconds) shows you the new feature in Microsoft Access called themes which are available to both forms and reports. Microsoft Access  Database – My Additonal Comments The ability to now click and apply a pre-defined theme to a form or report is great and has been vastly improved replacing the template to forms and report approach (though still supported). You can even design your own look and feel by changing all the attributes which […]

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