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Access Database Append Query – Dealing with Common Errors When Executing Them

Access Database Append Query

As a follow up on a recent blog post about Microsoft Access database Append Queries, here’s a sub-note article that we will analyse and investigate when errors can happen relating to a failure of appending records in MS access query A quick recap: An  Append MS access query is used when a user amends a few records to an existing table, typically from different sources.  Append query chooses new records from different sources of data and copies them to the table in database. It […]

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Adding A Parameter In Access Query: Using A Union Query

Microsoft Access Macros

If you know anything about what a parameter query is then the only added benefit and knowledge you need is knowing what and how to build a union query and apply adding a parameter to the Access query. As a reminder a parameter is a prompt for the user to enter a value which is then passed (as a variable – varying value) into the query as it’s criteria. You can have more than one prompt but you can imagine […]

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Microsoft Access Database: Using the IIF Function In An Access Query

Access Query

Microsoft Access has a rich set of functions when calculating values including the very popular IIF function. If you have used the IF function in an Excel spreadsheet, then you’ll feel at home here as it’s the same! Take a quick look at the video below to know the basics Microsoft Access IIF Function (IF/Then) The above video was demonstrated with an earlier version of Microsoft Access and is still in use with the latest version  (2010). You can nest […]

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