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Microsoft Access Databases: Pros & Cons of Access Macros

Access Macros

Here’s an snippet from my popular Microsoft Access database eBook on How To Use Microsoft Access Macros & Automate Your Application  In this section I’m going to list the advantages and disadvantages of using Access macros that is an exercise developers need to carry out to determine how they will programme their application going forward and avoid the dreaded result of having a ‘pear shaped’ and inflexible database. Benefits of using Access Macros Here’s the list: 1. Easier to write! […]

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Microsoft Office JavaScript Library Will Be Complete Across Office 365, iOS and Mac Early Next Year


Microsoft will be having a consistent JavaScript API across the Windows, Mac and mobile version of Office. Looking at Microsoft Office development is like looking at an old tree’s cross-section – you will find different layers from different eras. Each layer is carefully maintained for compatibility. Run the just-released Word 2016, enable the Developer ribbon, click VBA, and there is Visual Basic for Applications 7.1, using traditional VB as found in the long-deprecated VB 6.0 from 1998. Since VBA is built on COM […]

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