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Understanding Microsoft Access Database Relationships (RDBMS)

Microsoft Access Database

Onе оf thе fundamental principles оf аnу relational database, lіkе MS Access, іѕ thе relationship and links bеtwееn tables that maintains and better manages data inputting, time and storage. Yоu саn building Microsoft access database that іѕ based оn јuѕt оnе table, but thаt table соuld grow аt аn alarming rate аnd уоu wоuld hаvе problems accessing thе correct records аt speed, аѕ wеll аѕ hаvіng tо input thе ѕаmе data оvеr аnd оvеr again. Fоr instance, imagine уоu run а […]

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Access 2013 – 4 Ways to Create an Access App

Access Database

Here’s a quick video tutorial (only two and half minutes) that shows the new pending Access Database 2013 application and the 4 ways to create and MS Access app (or database) Four individuals demonstrating the 4 ways to create an Access database with the main feature being the new enhanced and advancement bringing it into 21st century namely a web version. Access Database 2013 – 4 Ways to Create an Access App Even though previous versions of Access use the web services, this […]

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Sharepoint 2010 and Access 2010 Tutorial

Access Database

A very quick overview of how to share an Access databases (2010) over the internet using SharePoint 2010 services, the new way to publish Access database files on the web. It really is that simple as the steps shown in this video tutorial and you will soon learn the do’s and don’ts when the system always analyses the objects from your Access databases file. Make sure you do some more research first and know what your options are before you […]

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Publish an Access database 2007/Access 2010 database to the web

Access Database

This is what Microsoft should have done some versions back and have an Access databases  easily uploaded to the web – a big CHEER please!!! You do need to have web services in place and Microsoft SharePoint is the obvious choice here. Ryan (the author of this video) makes it look easy – and it is. Remember, the web version and its functionality will never be as rich as the LAN version (client interface) and therefore you still need to […]

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