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Microsoft Access VBA vs MACRO

Microsoft access

A common question often asked: Would it be a good idea for me to use Microsoft access macros or would it be advisable to use Microsoft Access VBA code instead? You should base your choice to use either Microsoft access macros or MS access VBA code with two initial concerns: Security Usefulness that you require. Macros are considered to be easier to learn than VBA and in most cases it’s probably faster  to create a macro than it is to write VBA […]

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Access Macros: There Are Now 3 Types Of Microsoft Access Macros (2010)

Microsoft Access Database

With the latest version of Microsoft Access (2010), there are now 3 types of Access macros developers can utilise and release the power of this application further. The 3 types are as follows: Macro Objects Embedded Macros Data Macros Macro objects are avialable to all versions of Microsoft Access but version 2010 has a new interface tool plus more key commands and functionality. It is where you store the general procedures to your database. Embedded macros were introduced from version […]

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Microsoft Access Macros – New eBook Is Here!!

Microsoft Access Database

STOP THE PRESS!! My new eBook is now available! Take a look at the following link: Understanding & Using Microsoft Access Macros. It’s the first dedicated reference to just Access macros and no talking about VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) which most books couple together. It covers versions from 2000 through to 2010 which has some very interesting and new powerful features. Beginner or not, there is something for everyone and Microsoft now encourages developers to use Access macros as […]

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Data Access Macros – Unique To Microsoft Access Database 2010

Microsoft Access Database

Access macros have always been around going right back to the earliest releases of the 1990’s and as new versions became more sophisticated and richer so macros had a more important role to play. VBA code of course was later introduced and is typically the number one choice for programmers but Access macros are making a come back with the new exclusive addition of Data Macros to Microsoft Access 2010. Data Access Macros – Unique To Microsoft Access Database 2010 […]

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Microsoft Access Database: Why I Don’t Use Microsoft Access Macros ?

Microsoft Access 2010

I’m often asked about Microsoft Access Macros and Access Modules (VBA) and why we have two ways to program and automate an Access design database application. They both provide a way to automate your database but are very different from each other indeed when designing and applying these objects. Why Access Macros In The First Place? It’s more of an historical answer and simply put it was the first and only form of automating your Microsoft Access database from the […]

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